Thursday, April 12, 2012

Time to re-grill!

It was time. The Char Broil gas grill I got for Christmas in about 1993 had finally outlived itself. Oh, I am sure it could have won some awards.

"Most patched with tin and pop rivets" or "Most burner replacements" over the years. But about 10 months ago, the fourth burner fell through the third bottom patch. At the time, I just left it alone. I'd brought home an "Aussie" brand charcoal grill, left by the dumpster in a marina I was working at one day.

But back to the gas job. Here is an overexposed pic. I guess I need to look in to a new camera too!

The side burner was about to fall in.

The replacement was found at a local Lowe's store. A Char Griller "Grillin' Pro" 3001.  Just $169,  and it was assembled!

Much sturdier built than it's predecessor, this uses three ceramic burners and there is an optional firebox that goes on under the shelf to the right for use as a smoker.

Now I love my charcoal grilled meats, but we use this gas job like an oven. Our house has no shade over the kitchen, and on those brutally hot south east Georgia days that room is easily 5-8* hotter than the rest of the house, so firing up the gas stove just adds to the situation.

This is where the gas grill comes in. We use it as an oven. Last night? Tossed a frozen pizza on a pizza stone, tonight, stouffer's lasagna! Two burners on low made 360* on the gauge.

And here it is!

I also grilled some venison chops on it the other night. Mmmmmm!  The side burner works great for making a pot of boiled peanuts too. :)

That's all I have for right now.