Sunday, January 13, 2013

Haulin' off the scrap metals on a Saturday mornin'

  Time to clean out the stash. I crush all the beer cans drained in Jethroland throughout the year (well a few sodapops too, have to mix the booze with somethin'...) and sooner or later they have to be hauled off.

I also pick up old marine batteries I find left on the docks at the marinas I end up working at, and whatever other odds and ends I have. In this case, the remnants of the old gas grill from last April's post, a rusty file cabinet and the like.

Now it's not like the yard is a giant scrapyard, I have an "area" behind my shed and fence unseen by others, well unless they crawl over a fence.  So I loaded up the S10 and off we went.

There was a line!


There goes a year of beer up the conveyor!  I think I had more than 23# of cans though, there was another guy unloading at the same time as me and I think there was a mixup. However, I wasn't going to make a big deal over a few bucks, especially since I had 615# of batteries that cost me nothing but time to pick up.  The receipt is down below, I scanned it.  They didn't take the old catalytic converter from my wife's car as I needed to cut the steel pipes from the inlet/outlet, nor would they take my heavy aluminum storm door as it still had glass in it.

As bugs said, that's all folks!
Scrap receipt