Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Free firewood part deux - Click any pic to enlarge!

I came home the next day after my last post and loaded up all the "small" stuff.  My s10 had all it wanted, but I only had to drive 300 yards or so.

I'll make a blog post about the S10 one's been in my life since virtually new as a delivery truck at a former employer. Then it was sold to me very cheap, the original 4 banger expired so a V8 was swapped in... anyway, back to the firewood..

The little saw in the truck bed is a mid 80's Poulan 2000, a small saw with a 12" bar. It was given to me in pieces in a box. Still had the original lettering on the bar and I don't think it had much use. The gas line had disintigrated from age but routes through the handle. I put new line on, but could not get it to stay running. A carb kit later, we were flinging sawdust. I have $9.00 in it. Great for bucking up small wood into stove or fireplace size pieces and general limbing/trimming.    

Look at the grain on this cross section, it's a shame I could not have gotten the entire trunk milled in to lumber, the planks would have made a fantastic Adirondack style table!

Then I quartered and split the rest of the big chunks, after unloading the small stuff. I would cut 1/2 way throught and then I could split it the rest of the way with a maul. Another truck load!

Cam approves!

I finally got it all stacked up, I had some dry wood that I moved aside as I can burn that now, this oak is going to take awhile to dry. Now if I can just keep the termites out of it!  

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