Thursday, November 10, 2011

Minnesota meanderings

When I last blogged I was en route to Minnesota. Well, I made it there and back.  Had a great time, saw some old friends and bagged a decent buck in the woods behind the home place to boot.

Here is the town I went to school in grades 1-12 in the same school. Could not wait to get away from the place when I turned 18 and moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Now I realize 27 years later it ain't so bad :)


Dad and I went to a local watering hole, the Burtrum Saloon. Hard to miss, it's the only thing in town!

Went for a walk the day before the deer season opener in our woods, out of the 40 acres all but a few are wooded. Rolling hills, hardwoods, some slough (swamp if you are not from the midwest) and all very good deer habitat. Bordered by another 40 to the west.  Here's dad standing next to one of the large maple trees on the property tapped to make maple syrup.

The farm fields are usualy bordered with rocks in this part of the world, the glaciers that formed the area dumped lots of suprises that the frost in winter pushes to the surface.

Here we are looking south over the neighbot's fields.

 And another pile. I recall moving the big rocks, you had to dig and pry them up enough to get a chain with a choker hook around it, and pull them out with a tractor. The smaller ones down to softball size we would toss on an old car hood, flipped over and dragged behind the tractor.

 You can see where the old, barbed wire fence had grown through the tree in the above pic.  Below? A woodpecker condominuum!

In a day or two, I'll sort many other pics and decide what to put up,  as always, clik a any pic to enlarge. Enjoy!

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